1StopSoftware.com was specifically created for users looking for online tax preparation programs, as well as personal accounting software. We have been helping users file their taxes online since 2003. We provide free information and links to resources & e-file providers in an attempt to shorten the user's search experience & save time & money in filing their taxes. This site does not provide the actual Tax Preparation or Filing services.

Finding your Tax Preparation Program through this site does not cost anything to the user. Our services are paid for by the Tax Preparation/Efiling Companies.

1StopSoftware.com is owned and operated by Strassberg Intertnet, Inc. Strassberg Internet, Inc. has been in business since 1998.

We are committed to cultivating the "Win-Win" search experience...helping the web searcher find reputable companies who provide the services & goods that the individual seeks with the least amount of effort.

We also help web searchers find services & products in the areas of Education, Personal Finance, Student Loan Consolidation, Legal Forms & Home Services.




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